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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank You!

First I want to thank everyone that participated in the 100 orders sale! Whew!!! I have lots of busy days ahead of me. Thank you so much for the support. All orders will be going out within the stated turnaround time a max of 12 days so all orders will be shipped by September 20th and hopefully sooner. Watch your inbox for notification of shipment soon. =D

Halloween Collection:
I am aiming for the Luciferi Collection to be released on the 24th (since that is my birthday). Here is the label that the lovely and amazing Amanda from toxid-lotus.net has created! Go and read her blog she has great reviews, FOTD's, NOTD's, swatches and other great reads.

aren't they amazing?

I need suggestions for what you would like to see in the deal of the week. I haven't put one up in awhile. So if you have any suggestions let me know.

If you have suggestions for color combos for the EOTD's please let me know.

Any feedback is always welcome =)




  1. OMGEE.. that label is adorable! Great job! I'd love to see what Earthen & Basilisk look like together! :D

  2. Okay I will work on a look with Basilisk and Earthen. Thanks! =)