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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

EOTD: You Noxious Were

I started off with Evil Shades Evileyes Primer in Naked. I started with my crease color, I applied BRM Icarus to the upper crease and also blended out the crease color with it too. Next I applied BRM Were me Out to the crease. I then applied BRM Marlon to the outer v. Next is the lid color, which you can add to your entire lid. I just applied to the section you can see in the picture above. That color is BRM Noxious. Lastly I applied BRM Crackalackin' to the the inner corner and pulled up a bit to meet Were me Out.

On the lips I am wearing Darling Girls's Stay Beautiful Kiss me Tinted Lip Balm topped off with Darling Girl's Hot in the City Holo Gloss.

Now to compare MAC's Hibiscus (on the left topped with MAC's Flurry of Fun lip glass) with DG's Stay Beautiful (on the right topped with DG's Hot in the City Holo Gloss)

They are pretty similar to me. I shall have to remember to do a better lip swatch without the gloss component.


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