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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

Here are the details for this year's sale.

-Black Friday November 23rd (12:01 AM PST) - Friday November 23rd (11:59 PM PST) save 40% with coupon code happyhappyjoyjoy.

-From Saturday November 24 (12:01 AM PST) -Tuesday November 27th ( 11:59 PM PST) save 30% with coupon code leftoverdays.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it!

Please be so kind to spread the word of the sale. :-)  <3

Thank you!

Black Rose Minerals

-Rosa =)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recent EOTD's

Here are three different looks I did recently using The Collection to Rule Them all. I don't remember specifics of primer and such so i'm just going to tell you what I remember. 

Look #1

I used a primer, then with a fluffy blending brush put Keep it Secret, Keep in safe widely in the crease. Then with a flat shader brush packed on One Does Not Simply... on the lid. I softly blended where the two colors meet. I lined my waterline and added mascara.

Look #2

I used a primer, then with with a flat fluffy brush added a skin tone color to my brow bone and blended down into my crease. I started with my upper crease and with a fluffy brush took The Eye onto my upper crease. Next I took Strider with a less fluffy brush onto the crease. With a flat shader brush took Earth Born all over my lid.  In my inner corner I added Lady of Light with a small pencil brush. Then I blended away and added mascara and liner to my waterline. My brows are a mixture of Suparpill Love + and Sleek Eau La La liner in Moulin Rouge.

Look #3

I started off with a primer. With a flat shader brush I applied The Mines!!! to the lid and in the crease Tree Shepherds with a blending brush. In the inner corner I applied a touch of Lady of Light with a pencil brush. I lined my waterline with a black pencil and black mascara on my lashes. Lastly I foiled Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe on my lower lash line.

I hope you enjoyed these looks. Hope to have more up soon.

-Rosa =)

The Collection to Rule Them All

I'm a little late on this post. The collection is available now. You can check it out here.

From the site: Inspired by mainly the the first film, but also the books. An epic journey of good vs evil. Men, Elves, Hobbits, Dwarfs and a Wizard take on the greatest evil. Nine companions start off on their journey to Mordor to destroy The One Ring. In the end Good prevails and the Age of Men comes to pass once more.

Scattered across the land, we collected all of the most powerful colors for the most powerful collection of them all! With one brush to apply them and one mixing medium to bind them all, you'll be sure to enjoy our character inspirations. Just try to resist the temptation to refer to any of your favorites as "my precious." A mix of greens, browns, golds, an orange and a bright pale blue with pops of copper and golden shimmer.

There at 13 colors in this collection. 

I hope you enjoy this collection. <3

Stay tuned for black Friday sale info soon.

-Rosa )

BRM is Two!

Today BRM turns two. I want to thank you for supporting BRM. I appreciate your support!

I have collections and new stuff planed for this upcoming year. Stay tuned!

If you haven't already check out The Collection To Rule Them All inspired by the LOTR.

To celebrate take 30% off your order starting today through Friday November 16th. Ends at midnight PST. Use coupon code two-year.

 Stay tuned for black friday details. =)

 Have an awesome day!

 Thank you again for your support, it means a lot.

<3 Rosa

P.S. I hope to get back on track with posting EOTD's

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nevermore on my nails

I turned Nevermore into a polish. You can do this by mixing the shadow in clear polish or buying a suspension base available on various sites, I purchased mine at tkbtrading.
Have you every done anything else with your mineral shadows?

- Rosa =)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Not Another Zombie Collection

I'm late on this one too!

Yes I know, Another Zombie collection, but this one is inspired by my favorite Zombie, Rob Zombie. I was inspired by the different colors of his albums covers and the muisic. His album covers are some combination of the following colors: yellows, black, reds, aquas, blues, greens and teals. A lot of them are grainy and gritty. We hope music fans and make-up lovers alike will rock out with this awesome shades. 

1. Black Sunshine - A blackened antique gold

2. Demonoid Phenomenon - Deep rose with blue sparkles.

3. Demonspeeding - A murky green with a touch of lime, green and orange glitter.

4. Electric Head - A Yellow orange with gold sparkles.

5. Sinister Urge - Light blue with a pinky sheen.

6. SuperBeast - Brown with purple highlights.

Rosa =)

A Collection of the Perverse

I am quite a bit late on this, but still wanted to make a blog post about the collection.  Please check out the colors on the website as they have little stories and descriptions. I hope you enjoy.

A collection inspired by the master of the macabre. His tales are creepy, spine chilling and horrific to say the least. We drew inspiration from some of our favorites to bring you this collection. We truly hope you'll be delighted with out ghastly choices. 

1. Annabele Lee - An ocean blue flecked with copper specks.

2. Fortunato - A creamy white tinged with yellow.

3. Nevermore -  A deep teal with green and blue shimmer

4. Haunted Palace - A silvery blue 


 5. Premature Burial - An earthy brown with red and gold shimmer.

6. Red Death - A scarlet with red and gold shimmer.

I hope to get more EOTD with these colors soon.

 Rosa =)