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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EOTD: Purple Crush

I didn't go anywhere and I only put make up on one eye and of course my eye started to water in the inner corner so please ignore the messiness there. I decided to play around with some purples. Oh and I filled in my brows, well one brow with red eye shadow. I didn't leave the entire eyebrow in my pictures because I like the color, it matches my hair, but I need to work on technique.

Here goes:

What I used:
-Evil Shades Evileyes primer in Noir all over the lid.
-I applied BRM Daft top the first half of the lid starting at the inner corner.
-I applied BRM Maleficent to the second half of the lid blended into Daft.
-I applied Coma Black (unreleased Halloween color) to the crease and blended it out using a skin toned eyeshadow and used Coma Black as a liner on the upper lash line.
-I applied Ultraviolence to the inner corner and blended it up into Coma Black.
-I added UD's 24/7 liner in Flipside to the bottom lash line and Perversion to the waterline.


Review-Palette from Book of Shadows

I stumbled across this shop while browsing etsy for nothing in particular. The shops name is Book of Shadows by anothersoul. I was intrigued by a homemade palette. I have heard of z-palettes and uni palettes before, but they are a bit pricey. I purchased a z-palette during the FF sale on beauty.com and that came to $20. This one is $12.99 plus shipping of $3.50 so under $20. This one is smaller than the z-palette, but I still think it is a good buy plus you get to support Indy! The palette is about the size of a mac palette. The listing is very informative. She tells you how many of what kinds of shadows fit into each palette.

From the listing:
"enough room for:
8 NYX blushes
6 MAC blushes (depot, blush pan wih magnet is too thick for this palette)
20 of 26mm pans (MAC, Urban Decay, Hot Pots, Body Shop, ELF)
12 i-Mark eyeshadows
11 Stila eyeshadows and blushes
28 Maybelline eyeshadows from quad packaging (13/16" x 15/16")"

The palette itself is pretty sturdy, I am not quite sure what it is made of, probably some sort if sturdy cardboard. The bottom of the pallet is lined with a magnet and a foam liner with magnets on the corners. And the most amazing part is all the different choices of designs to pick from!

This is what the palette looks likes (this is the design I picked):

Just so you get a visual idea here are pictures of it filled with different shadow sizes:

This one is filled with some BRM shadows I have pressed and they are about the size of Make Up Forever shadows.

This one is filled with MAC shadows, it is a bit messy.

This one is filled with Inglot shadows.

Overall I really like them. They are pretty sturdy and come in many different patterns. The bottom of the palette is magnetized. The magnets on the corners aren't the strongest, but they are strong enough. The only thing that worries me is that if these are in your kit they are probably going to get beat up eventually, but they are affordable enough you can replace them. Maybe she will make bigger ones later on, because they are a bit small especially for bigger shadows.

What are your favorites palettes? What do you think of this option?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Okay so September is my birthday and since I still haven't had a sale yet for reaching 100 sales and 500 likes on Facebook I thought what better month than September. So to kick off September lets have a sale!

Starting Thursday September 1st save 30% off your total purchase by using the code 100orders. It will end Sunday September 4th at midnight PST.

Stay tuned for other festivities including a contest/giveaway. I just haven't finalized all the details.

Thank you!!!! =D

Please spread the word!

Whitey and I thank you!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Halloween Collection

***Thank you for all the suggestions! I have decided to name it The Luciferi Collection.***

I still have no idea what to name the Halloween collection yet, I want something unique and not just ol' boring "this is the Halloween collection." My inspiration for these colors comes from the following bands, Type O Negative, Marilyn Manson, Amon Amarth and the poet John Milton.

All swatches are dry, no primer on the Left and the Right wet with water no primer.

1. Steele: A blackened Silver with tons of shimmer. This is named after Peter Steele of Type O Negative. May he RIP.
2. Bloody Kisses: A deep maroon. Named after the song of the same name by Type O Negative.

3. Scabbed Wings: A blackened bronze with orange undertones. Named after the song The Angel With the Scabbed Wings by Marilyn Manson.

4. Nobodies: A blackened deep sapphire. Named after The Nobodies by Marilyn Manson.

5. Coma Black: A blackened deep royal purple. Named after the song of the same name by Marilyn Manson.

6. Tourniquet: A blackened metallic gold. Named after the song of the same name by Marilyn Manson.

7. Runes: A blackened forest green. Named after the Runes of My Memory by Amon Amarth.

8. Paradise Lost: A blackened teal. Named after the poem of the same name by John Milton.

Any collection name suggestion please feel free to leave a comment down below. I hope you like them! They will be available in a set and individually and should be available by October 1st, but I am aiming for mid September.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Hair!

I have been wanting to dye my hair again (I haven't really since high school and that was quite some time ago) and have always wanted bright red hair. I knew I did not want to bleach my hair because it is way too damaging. I looked on youtube and found that L'Oreal has dye that is meant for dark haired gals and will lift 3-4 levels. I went to Sally's and purchased this. And this is the result:

I think it matches my walls.

And these are indoor pictures..I still need to get some in the sun. I think I will be adding some purple as well..I am just not sure the purple will go with the red.

What colors have you dyed your hair? What is your favorite color?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Colors and Update!!!

First off BRM has reached 100 orders! Wow is all I can say. I must admit that sometimes I do get discouraged, but I love making sparklies! I wouldn't trade it for anything. Though sometimes I do worry about having to look for a job, but if it happens it happens. Thank you for supporting BRM!!!
There will be a sale to celebrate, but I am not sure when just yet, but keep you peepers peeled for it. =D

I have a few collections in the works including a Halloween collection so stay tuned for that as well. And new bottom labels with ingredient info are in the works as well, Thanks to Amanda from http://www.toxid-lotus.net

Onto the new colors: All close-up on the eye are with a primer and swatches are dry no primer on left, wet no primer on right.

These colors are available now!
What do you think of these colors? Would you buy them?
What colors would you like to see?
Thanks again for supporting BRM!!!

Yellow and Orange

This look is pretty similar to another look I did recently, but this is using a mixture of BRM and Inglot.

What I used:
-Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base + Kryolan Eye Shadow Base + Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Nano Yellow
-BRM Mother Sunflower on the lid and a bit on the crease.
-Inglot AMC 51 on the outer corner + BRM Helios over the top of the Inglot shadow and blended a bit into the crease.
-Inglot Matte 355 to blend out the crease.
-Inglot AMC Shine 10 + Pearl 393 in the inner corner
-Lined my water line with UD's 24/7 Liner in Perversion and upper lash line with Maybelline Lash Stiletto Liquid eyeliner in black

-Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Fire

You can find Inglot here.

My thoughts so far on Inglot:
When I went to Vegas I went to the Inglot store at the Forum Shops in Ceaser's Palace. I wasn't very impressed with CS as no one acknowledged I was there (could have been since only one person and they were helping someone), I felt like walking out, but since I wanted to see what all the hype was about I decided to pick up a few things. I swatched some eyeshadows and they seemed very nicely pigmented. It seems they swatch nicely, but they don't always translate well onto the eye. I found that you have to be really careful when picking up the product with a brush if not you will end up with it everywhere. I picked out 10 eyeshadows and three of their gel eyeliners. When I finally opened up my goodies one of the gel liners was dry and unusable (I have a weird thing about dealing with people over the phone so I didn't call customer service to find a solution so that is my fault) and the eyeshadows..I am not all that impressed. I ended up placing an online order (crazy yes, but I have them in a Z-palette and I'm weird about things not being complete). I got a confirmation email, but I never received a shipping notice. The eyeshadows arrived in a plain bubble mailer with the eyeshadows rubber banned together and with an invoice. I have not tested them all out, but I suppose I should have stuck with my gut feeling about this one. I just don't get all the hype. My favorite so far is Matte 355 out of the 18 shadows I have. Those are just my initial thoughts so far. I will post swatches of the colors I got in a later post.

What are your thoughts on Inglot?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bleed Black

This is the look I wore to go see She Wants Revenge, which put on an awesome show as always.

What I used:
-Bare Minerals Prime Time eyelid primer + Evil Shades Evileyes Primer in Naked + Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in "Vitrum ( I probably should have used the black one, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do)
-MAC Blanc Type all over the Lid and then to blend out the crease.
- Bleed Black on my lid up to the crease, then blended and blended some more.
-Silver and Cold to blend the crease.
- High-Ho Silver to the inner corner and pulled up a bit.
-I added black liner to the lower and upper waterlines and lower lash line and mascara.

- I used Morgana Cryptoria's Diabolical Druscilla and topped that with Darling Girl's Liquid Kisses in Hot Mama.

Full face shot. I'm not a photogenic person so this is what I got.

And you can get this awesome ring here by Electric Daydream. (as of 8/19/11 it is down, but should be back up soon)

And bonus Whitey picture:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Green and Blue Look

I started off with BareMinerals Prime Time eyelid primer plus Evil Shades Evileyes Primer in Naked and I sadly forgot to add a Spectrum Pot. I had major creasing in a few hours (it was also wicked hot so not too much of a chance for my make-up to not crease). Then I added Lady to the lid, Were me Out in the crease and an unreleased color (a slivery blue) in the upper crease. I blended out the crease color with MAC's Blanc Type and added an unreleased color in the inner corner and pulled up a bit (a white with multi-colored shimmer). All shadows are BRM unless otherwise noted.
On a side not I started using a new mascara Lash Expander Frame Plus from Majolica Majorca and I really wanted to like it as it came highly recommended for hard to curl/stay curled lashes, but the fibers keep getting in my eye balls, which makes them water. And I'm not seeing too much of a difference, the curl stays a bit longer, but not enough to torture my eyes. I am going to try one called Fairy Drops soon.

On my lips I used Morgana Crytoria's Countess Bathory lip balm plus Evil Shades Wicked Gloss in Guilty as Sin (discontinued).