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Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 4th Sale!!!

Starting Friday June 30th through Monday July 4th (Midnight PST) use coupon code bonanza for 24% off your total order of $10 or more!

Happy Shopping!!! =D


Monday, June 27, 2011

New at BRM!!! Glitters!!!

We now have three glitter blends! I will be adding more, this is to test the waters and see if they are popular or not. If there are any particular blends you would like to see leave me a comment down below or email me at blackroseminerals@gmail.com
We have:
A Forest a mixture of green, lime green and holo glitters.
Stardust a mixture of purple, pink and blue.
Violater a mixture of red and various holo glitters.

Can you see an 80's theme in the naming? I think I will be sticking to the 80's theme for the glitters.
It was extremely hard to get good pictures so please excuse the blurriness.

Any questions of comments please don't hesitate to leave a comment!


Monday, June 20, 2011


It has come to my attention that one of my suppliers has incorrectly labeled one of the micas I used in making two of my shadows. All of my supplies of this mica identify it to be eye safe and on their site it says it is not eye safe. Due to this conflicting information and for the safety of my customers I am recalling Hocus Pocus and Mome Rath. Only if it was purchased before April 17th, 2011 The ingredient in question was only used in the original formulation. It was reformulated so any purchase after the 17th is absolutely safe. If you have them please discard them immediately. I can offer replacements with the reformulated version or exchange it for another shade. I have gone through my records and have emailed those that are affected by this recall to the emails on file. If for some reason you didn't get the email and feel your shadows are part of the recall please email me at blackroseminerals@gmail.com.

If you received the shadows in question for review consideration or as a free sample please email me and I will either provide you with the reformulated version or exchange it for a different shadow of your choice.

If you purchased Mome Rath or Hocus Pocus after the 17th you are completely safe as they were reformulated at this point.

I apologize for this inconvenience. Any questions, concerns or anything please email me.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

MPZ Swatches and Initial Thoughts

I saw My Pretty Zombie on Heartsy and jumped on it. I love the zombie theme and i've heard nothing but good things about Andrea and her shop. The whole experience was flawless. I ordered the day before it went live on Heartsy since i'm a VIP. I got a convo from Andrea that night and that my order would ship on Monday. It was a really quick TAT.

The package complete with fake finger:

First row left to right: Bone, Gangrenous and Old Bruise.
Second row left to right: Monstrous Industry, My Pretty Zombie
and Bettie.



Old Bruise

Monstrous Industry

My Pretty Zombie


My color descriptions: all are shimmery except Old Bruise
Bone: really pale yellow with green undertones.
Gangrenous: a light purple that shifts to green yellow depending on the light.
Old Bruise: matte yellow with orange undertones. When blended out you get the old bruise effect.
Monstrous Industry: light purple with blue/turquoise shimmery shift.
My Pretty Zombie: dark raspberry with slight pink shimmer.
Bettie: green with yellow undertones.


dry swatches no base left to right: Bone, Gangrenous and Old Bruise

Dry swatches no base left to right Monstrous Industry, My Pretty Zombie and Bettie.

Foiled with water no base left to right: Bone. Gangrenous, and Old Bruise.

Foiled with water no base left to right: Monstrous Industry, My Pretty Zombie and Bettie.

Thoughts: I've only worn My Pretty Zombie so far and forgot to get a picture. It is a pretty color though it didn't last to well on me, but that could have been my eyes being a bit watery. So I will have to report back on that. One concern I have is the ingredient list. Looks like this:

From what I can read it says the following: mica may contain oxides, ferric, carmine or glitter. All the shadows say the same thing. Which makes them all not vegan, but I doubt Old Bruise or Bone have carmine in them, I guess that is the may contain. On the site I could not find proper ingredient list either. If that is what is in them then they have nothing in them to make them last longer, meaning no base and Old Bruise is easy to work with for a matte so there has to be something in it besides mica and oxides. I feel that the ingredient list are incomplete. I think some of the newer listing have an ingredient list. So hopefully they will be updated on the packaging as well.

: There will be or already are labels with the proper ingredients on the jars! And I believe Andrea is updating the ingredients on the listings!

The colors are pretty and the Zombie theme is awesome. I will follow this up with some looks using the colors.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's Vegan? Lipsafe? Not lipsafe?

Have you ever wondered what shades are lip safe and vegan and which ones are not vegan and lip safe or vice versa. Well The lovely Miss Jupiter has compiled a list! You can check it out by clicking here!

Thank you Miss Jupiter for taking the time to compile this list!!! =D

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Winners Are!!!!.......

So First I would like to thank everyone that entered!!! Hopefully more will enter next time, maybe if its easier =/

So drum roll please!! (I don't know how to put the random.org snapshot)

First place is Cassandra! (you get 5 full sizes)

Second place is Vijiis! (you get a 6 jar sample pack)

Third place is CinnamonCandace! (You get 10 baggie samples)

I've already emailed you so please let me know your choices!

Thanks everyone for participating! =D