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Friday, September 23, 2011

A few updates and I need your opinions

I made a few changes to accepting coupon codes, which you can find here. Coupon codes will not apply to the following categories: collections, going going gone and your choice. Unless otherwise specified. I did this because they are already discounted.

I don't know how to embed a poll so i'm going to ask you to comment below with your thoughts. I have been debating getting rid of sample baggies. Do you think clamshells would be a good option? Keep sample baggies? Offer both choices? Thoughts?

I'm conflicted. I really like offering free shipping on sample orders, but on average it is costing me $1.75 to ship sample baggie only orders and sample jar orders can cost up to $2-4 depending on how many are ordered. Because they are also discounted I end up losing money. So either I up the prices or I charge for shipping...what are your thoughts? Suggestions?

I think that is it. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

<3 Rosa


  1. I personally REEEALLY like sample baggies; I have a binder of all my MMU samples and it's a great way to keep everything organised. I'd be sad to see them go.

    I also vote upping prices vs charging for shipping, just because I tend to be more interested in looking at a company in the first place if they have a free shipping option, even before I see what their prices are like. :)

  2. With the sample baggies.. me personally it doesnt bother me.. but I pot mine anywho.. clamshells would be eaiser but I would up charge a bit.. there are some companies who charge 2 bucks for sample jars and they sell fine.. so yeah.. clamshells would be great!

    as far as the shipping stuff.. I would charge for shipping.. free sample shipping is great but you shouldnt be losing money on itgiven the fact I bet alot of ur orders are in fact samples.... I would do free shipping on order over like 40 bucks. so if shipping charges are 2 bucks .. that what I would charge and so on so on.. I agree with corbyjane with people like the option of free shipping but as long as shipping prices arent outragious people wont mind.. some company * who will remain nameless* charge 7 bucks for 2 full size and a couple samples.. that is nuts.

    hope this helps

  3. I don't mind either way about the baggies or clamshells, other than saying using clamshells might be easier to control how the makeup goes onto the brush but it's really not that big of a dea1!

    About the shipping... You should either charge $2 for shipping sample, or charge $1 and up your prices slightly. Either way the shipping prices are still small and I don't think that increasing them will affect your orders!

    Sarah xx

  4. it think it's fair not to accept coupon codes on already discounted items. unless you want to make it exceptional for special promotions.

    you know what i'm going to say for baggies and clam shells :)

    as for shipping free, you'll have to add it either to the item or charge it if you're loosing money. i always look at the total, not just items. i've seen some etsy seller making their products so cheap and look so good value but i usually cancel at checkout because the shipping is so ridiculous! as long as the total is reasonable and you are not loosing money!

  5. I don't mind sample baggies but I tend to spill clamshells. You could offer both and charge slightly more for clamshells? Another idea: you could even sell both as a "test run" and keep whichever sells better?

    I think you should charge shipping for samples. I can imagine you sell a lot of samples. However, if you *do* decide to move on to clamshells instead of baggies, you really do have to charge for shipping as I can imagine it would be costly for you!

    If you really want to offer free shipping you can do so after X amount spent?

    Either way your product is lovely and worth spending a few bucks to ship, especially if it helps you continue coming out with more shades! I know I want to *support* indie business, not take advantage of them. xo

  6. I am 100% for baggies. Reasoning being, when I buy baggie samples I'm trying the colors, in fact few of the samples I buy end up being regularly used. They're also cheaper so it's more economical for me to buy multiple. If I want to use a color I'll get a jar sample or a full-size. Also I second the person who says they're easier to store! I like using a binder for my extra samples. :)

    I think it's fair to charge maybe $2-3 for sample only orders? I'd rather pay for shipping, as I find samples more expensive than $1 to be kind of off-putting.

  7. I do like clamshells, and I like the small square sample baggies too, so I think it would be great to offer both because some people prefer clamshells and some prefer baggies and I think it's perfectly fine for you to charge for shipping samples.

  8. I don't mind sample baggies - I like them! I ordered some samples from you yesterday and that is mostly to try the colors, if I like them (which I'm guessing I will since I have heard so many good things about your makeup) I will buy the full size for sure :)

    I also don't mind paying for shipping, as long as the cost is reasonable. I'm not naming any names, but I did come across a site that charged $15 to ship to my country, regardless of what you bought, and that is just ridiculous! But you definitely shouldn't lose money so as long as you charge what it actually costs to ship it I'm sure no one will mind ;)

  9. Thank you everyone for your thoughts! =)