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Monday, September 5, 2011

EOTD: Mooonlit Ocean

Today I decided to go with blues and a bit of purple. Again sorry for the mascara smudge..I didn't even see it until I saw the pictures and my eye was watering in the inner corner so that explains the absence of shadow there.

What I used:
-I started with Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer plus Evil Shades Evileyes primer in Naked plus Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Visible Violet.
-I applied BRM Aquarius, an unreleased color, to I guess you could say the upper crease. Depending on your eye shape it would vary. Basically it is the color that you blend out with.
-Then I applied BRM Poseidon in the crease.
-Next is the lid color, which I foiled. I used BRM Moonlight. I also pulled it up to meet the crease color.
-After that I applied a bit of BRM Midnight Blue to darken the crease, but only in the outer crease.
-Then I applied BRM Frost to the inner corner.
-I also added UD 24/7 liner in Binge to the lower lash line and smudged that with Midnight Blue a bit. Also UD 24/7 liner in Perversion on the water line.


I used MAC's Hibiscus topped with MAC's Flurry of Fun Lipglass. Both of these are limited edition and not available anymore. I'm not really sure what all the hype was with Hibiscus, but I think it was going for a ridiculous amount of money on eBay. Don't get me wrong it is a pretty color, but not unique enough, in my opinion, to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for it.

So lastly I leave you with a dupe for Hibiscus.

On the left is MAC's Hibiscus and on the right is Darling Girl's Stay Beautiful Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm. It is a close enough dupe I believe, Darling Girl's Stay Beautiful is a tad darker, orangier. You can find Stay Beautiful here!

What do you think of this dupe? Hope you enjoyed today's look.



  1. As an Aquarius, I approve of any look that includes a shade called Aquarius! :D

  2. That is such a pretty look!I really love those kind of colours together :)

    I will most definitely be checking out DG dupe for hibiscus too :)