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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Few Updates


Bye Bye Free Shipping =(

So after much thought I have decided that I can no longer offer free shipping. I will from time to time offer free shipping codes. This is for both domestic and international shipping. Starting November 1st this will be the shipping table:


Free Shipping will now be at $40


You will very soon see a new top and bottom label for jars and baggies. My only problem is that the sample jars have a curved bottom so the bottom labels don't stick very well. So I am either going to keep the current labels until i can find sample jars with flatter bottoms or i can also put the label on the cap on the inside. Not sure how that will work out. The name of the shadow will be there too. Let me know if you have any ideas please.

Here are the new top labels:

Here are some samples of the bottom labels:

The labels were created by Manda at toxid-lotus.net. She did a fantastic job! Thanks Manda!!

<3 Rosa


  1. Your shipping is VERY reasonable! Also, I love the labels, very pretty!!

  2. Those shipping prices are perfect!