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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EOTD: Scaly Nobodies

-I started off with Evil Shades Evileyes primer in Naked, plus Darling Girl's Glitter Glue.
-Then I patted onto the middle part of the lid BRM Scales (to be released soon).
-To the inner and outer corners I added BRM Nobodies from the Luciferi collection and blended into Scales and lightly across the crease.
-I added Abalone (soon to be released) to the inner corner and pulled up into the inner crease.
-I lined my lower waterline with UD's 24/7 liner in Perversion.

I need to work on filling in my brows a but more so please excuse the messiness. No lip pictures today. I have the most painful pimple right on the edge.

I re-did my hair:


  1. Holy cow your hair is a pretty red. It matches your wall that I love! =D

  2. I loves it! But man does Special Effects stain so much. I am buying a long sleeve shirt exclusively for dyeing my hair.

  3. I love your red hair! It makes me want to dye my hair back to red too. *sniff* I really love the steely blue on your lid and the navy in your crease. They look really great against your brown eyes. :)

  4. Thanks! I've always like darker blues, it seems to make brown eyes pop.