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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review-Palette from Book of Shadows

I stumbled across this shop while browsing etsy for nothing in particular. The shops name is Book of Shadows by anothersoul. I was intrigued by a homemade palette. I have heard of z-palettes and uni palettes before, but they are a bit pricey. I purchased a z-palette during the FF sale on beauty.com and that came to $20. This one is $12.99 plus shipping of $3.50 so under $20. This one is smaller than the z-palette, but I still think it is a good buy plus you get to support Indy! The palette is about the size of a mac palette. The listing is very informative. She tells you how many of what kinds of shadows fit into each palette.

From the listing:
"enough room for:
8 NYX blushes
6 MAC blushes (depot, blush pan wih magnet is too thick for this palette)
20 of 26mm pans (MAC, Urban Decay, Hot Pots, Body Shop, ELF)
12 i-Mark eyeshadows
11 Stila eyeshadows and blushes
28 Maybelline eyeshadows from quad packaging (13/16" x 15/16")"

The palette itself is pretty sturdy, I am not quite sure what it is made of, probably some sort if sturdy cardboard. The bottom of the pallet is lined with a magnet and a foam liner with magnets on the corners. And the most amazing part is all the different choices of designs to pick from!

This is what the palette looks likes (this is the design I picked):

Just so you get a visual idea here are pictures of it filled with different shadow sizes:

This one is filled with some BRM shadows I have pressed and they are about the size of Make Up Forever shadows.

This one is filled with MAC shadows, it is a bit messy.

This one is filled with Inglot shadows.

Overall I really like them. They are pretty sturdy and come in many different patterns. The bottom of the palette is magnetized. The magnets on the corners aren't the strongest, but they are strong enough. The only thing that worries me is that if these are in your kit they are probably going to get beat up eventually, but they are affordable enough you can replace them. Maybe she will make bigger ones later on, because they are a bit small especially for bigger shadows.

What are your favorites palettes? What do you think of this option?


  1. Your palette is very pretty - I'll have to check out that etsy shop!

    I really love the TKB freestyle palette - It's like a mini Z palette and can hold up to nine MAC e/s. I have a few of these for my star's makeup haven shadows and the're great for travelling!

    You can get them here - http://www.tkbtrading.com/item.php?item_id=1044&category_id=65

  2. I will have to check out the ones from TKB. I never really think to look for that kind of thing at TKB since i mostly look at micas and supplies for making sparklies.