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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Green and Blue Look

I started off with BareMinerals Prime Time eyelid primer plus Evil Shades Evileyes Primer in Naked and I sadly forgot to add a Spectrum Pot. I had major creasing in a few hours (it was also wicked hot so not too much of a chance for my make-up to not crease). Then I added Lady to the lid, Were me Out in the crease and an unreleased color (a slivery blue) in the upper crease. I blended out the crease color with MAC's Blanc Type and added an unreleased color in the inner corner and pulled up a bit (a white with multi-colored shimmer). All shadows are BRM unless otherwise noted.
On a side not I started using a new mascara Lash Expander Frame Plus from Majolica Majorca and I really wanted to like it as it came highly recommended for hard to curl/stay curled lashes, but the fibers keep getting in my eye balls, which makes them water. And I'm not seeing too much of a difference, the curl stays a bit longer, but not enough to torture my eyes. I am going to try one called Fairy Drops soon.

On my lips I used Morgana Crytoria's Countess Bathory lip balm plus Evil Shades Wicked Gloss in Guilty as Sin (discontinued).


  1. Ooo do the spectrum pots help you with creasing? I'm still trying to find a primer. I was told to try glory box's primer and evil shades, and the spectrum pots. =D

    I hope the fairy drops work better for you! =[ I haven't even been curling my lashes since I started using them. I should try curling them and see how they do. But they seem to curl a tad all on their own with the fairy drops.

    Pretties color combination. =D Countess Bathory is SO awesome. I'm glad I picked it up. It's my favorite red now.

  2. Yes the spectrum pots help with creasing! I also use her primer and just a thin layer of a spectrum pot. I have all the colors now. I am waiting until next month to order the fairy drops since i have spent too much money this month. I hope it works and no fibers poking my eye ball.

    The lip balms are amazing! I also love Diabolical Druscilla. I need to get more colors and I want to get some of the 1920's colors.

  3. <3 the red lips! have you ordered any other mc's red lippies that you like? i'm into red lips so i'm looking for recommendations!

  4. Love Lies Bleeding is a pretty red and i also have solar flare in the balm formula, which is more of a orange red. And I haven't ordered yet, bother 1920's collection looks amazing. I also recommend Evils shades Devilista. Red lips are my favorite.