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Friday, January 13, 2012

Blood Moon

Sorry for the mascara smudges, no matter how careful I am they end up on my eye. I don't even notice them anymore until I see them while cropping the pictures for the blog post. This was a very shimmery look, was not able to capture that. =(

What I used:
-Evil Shades Evileyes primer in Naked + Spectrum Pot in Polaris.
- All over the Lid I used BRM Blood Moon (part of the Luna Collection).
-In the crease I used Darling Girl's Diamond Dust in Lucy in the Sky.
-In the outer v I used Rock A Betty Beauty's Kim Kong from the Garbage Pail Collection.
-In the inner corner I used DG's Indigo from the Rainbow Brite Collection.
-Lastly mascara and liner in the lower waterline, I used the Milani Liquif'eye liner (I think it is blacker than UD's Perversion at least to my eyes and stays just as long).

<3 Rosa


  1. Pretty! Also you need one of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Make-up-Eye-Mascara-Eyelash-Comb-Applicator-Guide-Card-/270692682940?pt=AU_Makeup&hash=item3f068a8cbc#ht_3234wt_947

    I've heard they're magic for people who fail at applying mascara, which is me. D= I always get mascara on either my top lid or the bottom some how. I really need to get one.

    I like the color combo you did. =] It's really pretty. I still have yet to try RABB. She's top on my list to try when I can start buying makeup again. =] Becca keeps telling me I need to try her stuff.

  2. Thanks! I totally need one of those. I have a few (well more than a few) of her colors and this was the first time using one of her colors. I have looked at them all, they are pretty. I am finally getting around to organizing all the shadows i have acquired over the last year, yup year. I had a huge box full of new stuff just sitting there. I am trying to incorporate other brands into my EOTD so that all of my makeup gets some love. =)

  3. i'm considering getting those guards too. i have the same problem too! i don't see those smudges unless i'm cropping photos! then i'll go arghhh.... i went out all day with those smudges! sometimes i try to gimp them away if possible.