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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Collection of the Perverse

I am quite a bit late on this, but still wanted to make a blog post about the collection.  Please check out the colors on the website as they have little stories and descriptions. I hope you enjoy.

A collection inspired by the master of the macabre. His tales are creepy, spine chilling and horrific to say the least. We drew inspiration from some of our favorites to bring you this collection. We truly hope you'll be delighted with out ghastly choices. 

1. Annabele Lee - An ocean blue flecked with copper specks.

2. Fortunato - A creamy white tinged with yellow.

3. Nevermore -  A deep teal with green and blue shimmer

4. Haunted Palace - A silvery blue 


 5. Premature Burial - An earthy brown with red and gold shimmer.

6. Red Death - A scarlet with red and gold shimmer.

I hope to get more EOTD with these colors soon.

 Rosa =)

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  1. Sparkly goodness + One of my favorite authors = Coolest Halloween collection EVER!!!