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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recent EOTD's

Here are three different looks I did recently using The Collection to Rule Them all. I don't remember specifics of primer and such so i'm just going to tell you what I remember. 

Look #1

I used a primer, then with a fluffy blending brush put Keep it Secret, Keep in safe widely in the crease. Then with a flat shader brush packed on One Does Not Simply... on the lid. I softly blended where the two colors meet. I lined my waterline and added mascara.

Look #2

I used a primer, then with with a flat fluffy brush added a skin tone color to my brow bone and blended down into my crease. I started with my upper crease and with a fluffy brush took The Eye onto my upper crease. Next I took Strider with a less fluffy brush onto the crease. With a flat shader brush took Earth Born all over my lid.  In my inner corner I added Lady of Light with a small pencil brush. Then I blended away and added mascara and liner to my waterline. My brows are a mixture of Suparpill Love + and Sleek Eau La La liner in Moulin Rouge.

Look #3

I started off with a primer. With a flat shader brush I applied The Mines!!! to the lid and in the crease Tree Shepherds with a blending brush. In the inner corner I applied a touch of Lady of Light with a pencil brush. I lined my waterline with a black pencil and black mascara on my lashes. Lastly I foiled Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe on my lower lash line.

I hope you enjoyed these looks. Hope to have more up soon.

-Rosa =)

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