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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Not Another Zombie Collection

I'm late on this one too!

Yes I know, Another Zombie collection, but this one is inspired by my favorite Zombie, Rob Zombie. I was inspired by the different colors of his albums covers and the muisic. His album covers are some combination of the following colors: yellows, black, reds, aquas, blues, greens and teals. A lot of them are grainy and gritty. We hope music fans and make-up lovers alike will rock out with this awesome shades. 

1. Black Sunshine - A blackened antique gold

2. Demonoid Phenomenon - Deep rose with blue sparkles.

3. Demonspeeding - A murky green with a touch of lime, green and orange glitter.

4. Electric Head - A Yellow orange with gold sparkles.

5. Sinister Urge - Light blue with a pinky sheen.

6. SuperBeast - Brown with purple highlights.

Rosa =)

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