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Monday, June 20, 2011


It has come to my attention that one of my suppliers has incorrectly labeled one of the micas I used in making two of my shadows. All of my supplies of this mica identify it to be eye safe and on their site it says it is not eye safe. Due to this conflicting information and for the safety of my customers I am recalling Hocus Pocus and Mome Rath. Only if it was purchased before April 17th, 2011 The ingredient in question was only used in the original formulation. It was reformulated so any purchase after the 17th is absolutely safe. If you have them please discard them immediately. I can offer replacements with the reformulated version or exchange it for another shade. I have gone through my records and have emailed those that are affected by this recall to the emails on file. If for some reason you didn't get the email and feel your shadows are part of the recall please email me at blackroseminerals@gmail.com.

If you received the shadows in question for review consideration or as a free sample please email me and I will either provide you with the reformulated version or exchange it for a different shadow of your choice.

If you purchased Mome Rath or Hocus Pocus after the 17th you are completely safe as they were reformulated at this point.

I apologize for this inconvenience. Any questions, concerns or anything please email me.

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