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Monday, May 2, 2011

EOTD: Poseidon & Hocus Pocus

This is the look i wore to my friend's wedding (my partner in crime here at BRM) and it unintentionally matched my accessories. I wore turquoise bracelets and earrings and a hot pink rose ring.

I started with MAC prolongwear concealer on my lids, then added Bare Minerals prime time, Evil Shades primer in nude and powdered with Mario Badescu's special healing powder. Yes that seems extreme, but i have uber oily lids and well its impossible for me to just wear one primer and not have it crease. Next i used UD's 24/7 glide on shadow pencil in Clash on the lid. I used my finger to blend out. Then added Poseidon on top of that, which they are almost exact dupes of one another. Then added Hocus Pocus on the crease about 3/4 of the crease. Then added Alpine to the rest of the crease and pulled down into the inner corner. I then tightlined with the Laura Mercier tightline cake eyeliner. Then used Tarte gel eyeliner on my upper and lower waterlines. I added UD's 27/7 eyeliner in Binge on the lower lashline and smudged Alpine into it. I then lined my upper lashline with the Laura Mercier tighline cake eyeliner, which i should have made thicker, but oh well. I then added a pair or Kryolan lashes of which i do not know the name or number of. I used the revlon glue and i'm not sure I like it. I had to re-stick a corner only after a couple of hours. I still need more practice with lashes!

What i used:
-MAC prolongwear concelaer in NW20 + Bare Minerals prime time eyelid primer + Evil shades primer in nude
-UD 24/7 shadow pencil in Clash on the lid
-Poseidon on the lid
-Hocus Pocus in the crease, about 3/4
-Alpine in the inner 1/4 of the crease pulled into the inner corner and smudged alone the lower lashline
-UD 24/7 eyeliner in Binge on the lower lashine
-Tarte gel liner on both waterlines
-Laura Mercier tighline cake eyeliner to tighline upper and lower lashline and upper lashline
Onto the full face shots, which i normally do not do. Please ignore the goofy face or non-interested face. I am not a photogenic person at all.

And i just had to sneak in a picture of Whitey.

Hope you enjoyed this look =D


  1. Love this! Bright colors look good on you. =D Also I love the wall behind you! Can I has it? hehehe <3

  2. Gotta love anyone who would wear turquoise and pink make-up to a wedding! Gorgeous colours :)

  3. i like this color combination! what's on your lips? i love the red!

  4. @Manda Thanks! I tend to favor bright colors. I love my wall too =D

    @Beauty's Bad Habit Thanks! It's totally my style, I don't do neutrals very often =]

    @prettymom Thanks! I started off with Revlon's Just bitten lip stain in Gothic as a lip liner and topped that off with Nyx's Snow White. Most of my lipstick collection consists of red a bit of orange and purple. I think i only own two nude lipsticks.