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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Saturday Sale!

This sale is for Saturday April 7th (officially at midnight friday night PST).

The sale will be on first come first serve basis.

There are a few ways to save.

1. There will be 10 40% off coupon codes available for your entire purchase. The coupon code is save40.

2. There will be 15 30%  off coupons available for your entire purchase. The coupon code is save30.

3. There will be an unlimited amount of coupon codes for 15% off your entire purchase. The coupon code is save15.

One day sale!
The sale ends at midnight PST on April 7th.

Good Luck!

<3 Rosa


  1. Sorry, but I'm confused by the sale. Why are the codes "limited" to a certain number? Can anyone use the code? If not, how do I get one? Also, why would anyone choose the 30%-off code if they can use the 40-off code? Please unconfuse me!

  2. I think the codes are like a first come first serve type of deal with the exception of the 15% off. I guess it's like if you're one of the first 10 people to place an order you're guaranteed the 40% off, after that the next fifteen people can get 30%. If you're not lucky enough to get one of those codes, the 15% off one is guaranteed to work regardless. I'm not 100% sure though...hopefully Rosa will let us know soon.
    Also Rosa, is the 40% off code "save50" or "save40"??

  3. Yes Adz you are right. I will fix the coupon code. The 40% off should be save 40.

  4. It is like a first come first serve type thing. So starting at midnight (Friday night into Saturday) the sale will start the first 10 people can use the 40% off coupon then when those end the 30% off coupons can be used then when those are gone the 15% off coupons will be in effect. I will announce here when they are gone. Does that make sense?