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Monday, July 25, 2011

EOTD: Yellow and Blue

I am testing out a few upcoming colors and this is what resulted. I cannot exactly remember what i used. I really need to start writing it down. I know for sure what i used on the lid and outer corner.

What I used:
-Evil Shades Evileyes primer in Naked and UD's shadow pencil in sin i think.
-BRM Jaunty on the lid (i used this with GDE foil me)
-BRM Aquarius in the crease
-BRM Marlon (this is a current color) in the outer corner
-I don't remember what i used in the inner corner
-The liner on the lower waterline and lashline is MAC's Float on By

And the lips is Evil Shades Roué (is a bit darker in real life)

Working on...
-posting more EOTD's
-Posting upcoming colors

What would you like to see?

-Rosa =D

Whitey Picture:

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  1. nice combination!
    i like to see more eotd for inspirations! and more pics cute doggies :)