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Monday, March 28, 2011

New labels and Jars

Thanks to Amanda at www.toxid-lotus.net we have a new label design! I'm so excited! For now I am going to print it on the current labels I have because I still have a lot left, but I'm worried that I will end up using way too much ink. It will take me a few weeks to figure out exactly what to do, but look forward to new labels! I am going to look for a place that will print them and see how much that costs.

Jars also getting a new cap, I'm switching to black shiny caps on the jars. You'll see this first in the 3 gram jars since I am almost out of them. The full size jars will take awhile to transition to black caps.

Here is the design, I just have to pick which font I like best. Thanks again Amanda! =D

What do you think?


  1. I am really loving the 2nd one!!! they are all nice but the 2nd one really pops!!

  2. they're lovely. i'll pick the first one, because the words look clearer.